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veredelen van Echinacea op een bepaald tijdstip.

Plant breeding

How we breed

We breed perennials based on their ornamental and market value, striving to ensure that the plants are strong and disease resistant and guarantee a long bloom, and cross breeding with other colours and shapes to achieve greater applicability. Because we only want to bring varieties onto the market that offer a real addition, the process from crossbreeding to plant tends to take us 5 to 7 years on average. We breed Echinaceas (coneflowers) in various colours, focusing on a compact plant structure and the formation of plenty of flowers. In fact, there will soon be varieties with 50 or more flowers per plant. These varieties have been bred to develop from TC plug plant to bloom within 12 to 14 weeks. With Geraniums, we created a breakthrough in alternative flower colours from cinereum types. We call this Geranium cinereum the “Jolly Jewel” series. We have also created a number of salmon-pinks and several varieties that have bi-coloured flowers. We have now bred around ten varieties, each with their own specific look.

Geranium veredeling

Breeding Jolly Jewels

To breed our plants, we use traditional breeding techniques combined with modern techniques such as embryo rescue and DNA genetics. Breeding itself consists mainly of simply “observing”. It is up to the breeder’s scientific know-how to create combinations.

Lillium candidum voor inhoudstoffen

Lillium candidum

We breed and do research with the goal of obtaining particular useful substances from plants. This includes the development of plants with an increased production of alkaloids for high-performance applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agrochemical industries. Modern breeding techniques are used to develop varieties with high concentrations of alkaloids. Through breeding, alkaloids are created that can be applied as bactericides and agrochemicals, with fusarium resistance being an important goal to ensure more successful harvests. We specialise in using modern and alternative techniques to win plant materials from plants that are difficult to grow. We are specialised in compounds from: Asclepiadaceae, Asteraceae, Ranunculaceae, Liliaceae, Berberidaceae.