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Nieuwe compacte en vroegbloeiende Geranium cinereum serie

Geranium Jolly Jewel® Series

Description of the breeding of Geranium Jolly Jewels

This line of Geranium cinereum was created by crossing a line of wild species of cinereum with a cinereum subspecies. Also known as cranesbill in English, it is related to the Geraniaceae. The colour of the flowers is extremely diverse and quite unusual.

The plant flowers from around April to September. The Jolly Jewel series flowers most abundantly in early spring, and it continues to flower periodically during the rest of the season. The leaves are green and about 10 cm high. This perennial reaches a height of around 10 to 12 cm. Tolerates a temperature to -18 degrees C and remains green throughout the winter. The recommended planting distance is 25 cm (16-18 plants. per m2). This plant is native to the mountains and therefore very suitable for rock gardens and low borders.

The Geranium also does very well in large containers. Calls for a sunny spot and a moderately nutrient-rich well-drained soil. Grows quite fast and usually has a cushion-shaped growth habit. This plant enjoys a slightly moist spot. It is best to plant them out in large groups. Does not tend to spread too much and combines well with other plants. For flowering plants it is important to have many buds and allow these to flower. The production of buds is boosted by a comparatively high phosphorus content. Flowering is then boosted by a high potassium level. The higher potassium content also ensures a longer bloom and improves qualitative properties such as the toughness of the foliage and the production of flowers. In addition, the higher potassium content ensures more efficient water management, which means the plants consume less water. The more the mutual levels vary, the stronger the boosting effect gets.Composition recommendation: N5+P2+K4 to max. N9+P6+K8, can also be combined with a little extra magnesium. 

The best pot medium is produced by Jongkind Potgrond in Aalsmeer The Netherlands. Jongkind made a mixture for Geranium and "lime loving plants" special Geranium Jolly Jewel. For further details you can contact Hendrik Jongkind.

Universal mixture for lime loving plants:

Swedisch fr.1

Garden peat


Pumice Stone

Bara clay+ basic nutrition ± 1,0 EC, PH ± 6,0

+ option osmocote ± 2 kg 5-6 mnd 

Best regards,  Jongkind B.V.Hendrik Jongkind

Potting in July/August results in a full container within 7 months and abundant flowers early the following spring. It is possible to transfer tissue culture plantlets to containers at any time. Depending on the time of potting, the plant will flower 7 to 9 weeks after planting. Soil-grown plants can be transferred to 2 to 2.5 litre containers. This is usually done from mid January to mid March. The plants will flower after 10 to 12 weeks, depending on the weather.

We recommend allowing the plants to grow outside as much as possible, because in a greenhouse plants will sprout too much and become weak. If the weather outside does not permit this, grow in a cold alpine greenhouse or similar space with plenty of aeration. Put the plants back outside as soon as the weather permits this. Soil-grown plants are harvested when they are dormant for winter and washed until all sand and soil particles have been removed. This is the best option for growers in the US, although those interested in the EU can also take advantage of this.