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Educatie "Beestjesleer"


Buzz lore

Bees play an important part in garden nurseries. Not only do they pollinate plants and trees, they also give a good indication of the state of the environment. I have been a bee-keeper since I was 13, so you could say that I am an old hand at the job. Bees also indicate exactly when a flower is mature, which is very useful for breeders.

 Bijen op volle honingraat

Bees on honeycomb

Bee species are selected based on their resistance to disease. Vigour and colony strength are important too. The varroa mite has been a threat to the European honey bee since the eighties. We aim for natural control and rely on grooming by the bees themselves. After all, the varroa mite comes from Asia, where it is less harmful to honeybees. We do believe that this problem can be reduced or even eliminated in future.

 Bijenzwerm blokkeert beregening

Bees block irrigation

To teach our successors about nature and the environment, I give a “live” presentation to school children at the Oostergeest estate in Warmond every year. “Beestjesleer” (All about Critters), shows them what you can find in canals and ditches, on the ground, and in the air. Usually, the children tend to be a little over-enthusiastic and quite noisy at the start, but once the lid comes off the hive, you can hear a pin drop.

Educatie "Beestjesleer"

Live education “Beestjesleer” (All about Critters) for school children at the Oostergeest estate

Colourful pollen with plenty of proteins to feed the young bee larvae.

kleurige pollen stuifmeel

(foto Leontine Trijber)