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Kwaliteit uit eigen hand

Home-Grown Quality

The perennials listed under “range” are grown at the nursery on the Wasbeeklaan in Warmond. We aim to grow plants in an as environmentally-friendly way as possible. This means that breeding disease-resistant plants is a major step forward. During cultivation, we keep a close eye on the mineral content of the soil, because if this is correct, the plant will be healthier and more resistant to disease. If an infestation does occur, we use alternative methods of pest control such as predatory insects or parasites that combat pests. Crop rotation is applied in the fields, taking each plot out of rotation for a year to increase its resistance against diseases.

As you have probably noticed, we offer many kinds of perennials. It goes without saying that I do not run everything on my own. My wife Heidy runs the cutting department and also takes care of the administration. Dennis van Bentum and Christian Hogenes are our permanent employees, both committed to delivering a quality product. Renate van der Geer, Sylwia Stupka, Bozena and Zdzislaw Wasiak help us with the production of cuttings each winter. Father Wim van Noort still lends a helping hand, and can often be found on the premises carrying out various different tasks.